Habitat has started a new remittance of payments for the fees, if you are affected, contact us now


Are you affected?

Contact an expert lawyer in cancellation of Timeshare Playa Romana

Habitat Playa Romana Timeshare

Playa Romana Timeshare.

This company has started a letter of letters and burofaxes to claim alleged maintenance debts.

Timeshare owners are tired of paying for something they do not use and stop paying the fees with very serious consequences. From here we help you cancel the Timeshare week so that you do not have these problems again.

It is extremely important that you contact a lawyer who is an expert in these matters, the Habitat Playa Romana timeshare debt can be judicially annulled if your case is viable.

Habitat Playa Romana
Get rid of Habitat Playa Romana

Roman Beach Debt

There are hundreds of clients who have received a communication from the Treasury informing them of the large debt of this company with the Public Treasury. If you have received this communication you must respond to the Treasury and not to Playa Romana. Request information.

CIF/NIF: A-700312-X

Maintenance company:

Playa Romana Park Mantenimientos SLU
Diagonal 460 5D
08006 Barcelona

Affected by data protection:

If you are affected by the data protection of the company Playa Romana Park Mantenimientos SLU with CIF B129362492 managed by Juan Bautista Sorolla Ferre, we will help you report them.

If you have been complained about by the Spanish treasury, contact the Playa Romana toll-free telephone number 900525939.

Disconnection Habitat Playa Romana


If you have a deed prior to January 5, 1999, this is the best option, this option is very fast, in 72 hours you will be disassociated from the timeshare.


If your contract or deed is viable to recover amounts, this is the best option, and you also recover part of your money. You can see some sentences on the timeshare sentences portal.


Those clients who did not get to make a deed but are holders of a week through a contract.

Lawyer for Habitat Playa Romana

Our commitment

Cancel Timeshare

Our commitment as a firm is to offer a legal solution to timeshare ownership with the support of the largest timeshare law firm in Spain.

There are thousands of clients that we have already separated throughout Spain from all types of complexes and hundreds of favorable rulings with recovery of amounts that our clients have received.

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